Special Events

Ocean King 4 《Wild Easter egg event》 starts!
Collect Easter eggs, complete the jigsaw puzzle, and take the prize home!
The more you bet, the more Easter eggs you get!
1st Prize MYR 4,000!!
Come in SUNCITY to grab the big winning!

☑️ Event Time: 24th Apr. 13:00 - 5th May. 13:00

☑️ Event Rule: Player has chance to get Easter Egg in Ocean King 4, rewarded the prizes or chip for jigsaw puzzle. Complete the jigsaw puzzle to get the big prize.

Brand new event-Daily Lucky Draw is finally here!
Once your play bet reaches the top, you will stand a chance to play our Daily Lucky Draw on the next day!
Play everyday, draw everyday, everyday is a winning day

Event Time: 1st Apr. - 14th Apr. ( Last draw date: 14th Apr )

Special week for Slot Games, Jackpot event is coming as well, stay tuned!!
Keep noticing KENZO to get the first-hand event news!

The fairest lottery event - Big 7 starts!
Bet on full amount to get lottery ticket. 
The more lottery tickets you collect, the more winning opportunity you get.
The 1st prize MYR 30,000 is waiting for you!

Event Time: 23rd Mar. 00:00 - 4th Apr. 23:59

Slot Treasure Box will begin!
All play bets in SLOT games can be accumulated,
complete the accumulation to open treasure chest and get reward!
The more play bets you accumulate, the better treasure box and reward you get! 
Come along and try your luck!

☑️ Event Time: 22th April 13:00 - 29th Apr. 13:00

Must Hit By Jackpot event is open in Fu Xing Gao Zhao, Pirate Treasure and God of Wealth at same time. 
Jackpot is non-stop bursting. Come to join now to be millionaire!
Grasp your opportunity to join us in KENZO!

Special week for Slot Games, Jackpot bonus is raised up as well!
JP amount will be accumulated faster and higher, come take the big prize home!!

Event Time: 9th Mar. 13:00 - 16th Mar. 13:00

Participate the Must Hit By Jackpot event in Pirate's Treasure,
everyone could be the lucky winner, don't miss out!
Come to KENZO and be the next millionaire!

Event Time: 26th Mar. 17:00 – 30th Mar. 13:00

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